Since Cuttack was first ruled by the Keshari Dynasty followed by the Mughals, the Marathas, and the British, it is a melting pot of various cultural influences. It is home to several significant Hindu religious shrines like the Katak Chandi Temple as well as a prominent Gurdwara and a Jama Masjid. The culture of Cuttack is predominantly similar to that of other old cities in the state of Odisha. The people of Cuttack celebrate several festivals, with Baliyatra (Organized by the District Administration of Cuttack )being the most popular and grandest. Baliyatra, a trade fair is reported the second largest in Asia. There was a time when the merchants of Cuttack traded with South East Asian traders. The name Baliyatra is derived from the island of ‘Bali’ which used to be a hotspot for merchants from Odisha is derived from the island of ‘Bali’ which used to be a hotspot for merchants from Odisha.

Explore art & Culture :

About. Diverse, vibrant, and utilitarian the art and craft of Odisha range from —stonework, silver filigree, woodcraft, appliqué work, brass and bell metal work, dokra castings, horn work, pattachitra, paper Mache, terracotta, tie & dye textile in cotton, tassar and silk and many more.

Historical Significance

Cuttack or Kataka in Odia is the former capital of the state of Odisha in India.The name of the city which literally means the fort has a reference to the ancient Barabati Fort located there. Cuttack is known as the Millennium city due to its history of 1000 years. It is also called the Silver city as it is famous for its exquisite filigree worksBaliyatra, the most popular festival of Cuttack is organized by the District Council of Culture under the chairmanship of Collector, Cuttack. It is one of the biggest open-air trade fairs in Asia. It commemorates the rich maritime history of the state in which traders of Odisha called Sadhabas used to sail their masted wooden boats (Boitas) through the sea to South East Asian islands including the Indonesian island BaliBaliyatra Kataka Utsav 2022 will be held from 8th to the 16th of November 2022 on the picturesque bank of River Mahanadi at Cuttack.

Present-day trade fair

Over the years Baliyatra has become a grand trade fair. In 2019, Baliyatra witnessed a footfall of over 50 lakh visitors. Prominent corporates and government institutions participated in it. As Baliyatra Kataka Utsav 2022 is going to be held after two years of the pandemic Covid, the presence of visitors at this festival is going to be more than in the previous year. Baliyatra acts as a melting pot for people of all age groups, classes, and communities who come together and revel in a celebration of age-old cultural traditions while enjoying tasty local foods and buying goods of their choice. It provides a huge market for merchandise of all types. Hence, Baliyatra offers a golden opportunity for traders to do their business and for corporates to showcase their brands. Some of the highlights of Baliyatra 2019 are as follows:

Trade Fair:

Baliyatra, one of Asia’s largest Open Trade Fairs, spread across 100 acres, is a week-long annual affair held in Cuttack. It is an extravaganza of art, culture, and technology, and is incomplete with special cuisine that the people of the state await all year to devour. At this grand-level trade and commerce fair, Pan-Indian Businesses from different industries promote their product and services, attracting major sales and generating revenue.

Mahanadi Alati:

As the sun sets over Mahanadi, the atmosphere is filled with devotion. Alati is offered to Mahanadi and the Sun God. This age-old festival which has commenced on the vast expanse of Mahanadi river bed. It is to commemorate the contribution of Mahanadi to Odia culture and tradition that Mahanadi Alati is offered.

Sports/ Fun Activities:

‘Patha Utsav’ at Baliyatra hosts special activities for senior citizens and children. There are many sporting activities like roller skating, boating, and other water sports that take place at Baliyatra. Baliyatra also invites a lot of crowds for the variety of amusement rides that it has to offer. Ranging from the giant wheel to the feisty dragon. Many stalls also offer games like balloon shooting, rings, etcetera, that keep the attendees hooked.

Relish Local Food:

Baliyatra is a fair that is not only awaited by katkia’s but also by food lovers. It serves an array of drool-worthy and budget-friendly delicacies to titillate the taste buds of foodies of all age groups. The most sought-after delicacies are Thunka Puri, Mathura Cake & Bhaja Lanka but besides these, there are other food items that attendees cannot get enough of. The seafood variety is also a major pull for its lovers..


Besides numerous stalls that provide entertainment through participation, there are also opportunities for one to just sit back, relax and enjoy a star-studded performance, absolutely free. Cultural programs have been a major attraction at Baliyatra. The biggest artists from Bollywood are seen displaying their dancing or singing talents on the stage. The programs also include Odissi, and several folk dances and types of music from every corner of Odisha.


On the last day of Baliyatra, takes place a grand felicitation ceremony that honors the sponsors, the artists, and the guests of honor for their contribution to Baliyatra.